[mission accomplished]

[mission accomplished]

thursday and friday came and went and they were good days.

1. i did launch the bi-lingual website on thursday. when i asked our programmer to launch it and he did… i was SO nervous! but for now, it seemed to be working fine. still a lot of pieces to pick up, translate, and bring up to date, but hey – i did the main part (with the help of the Chamber team) so that’s a major *WHEW*… Jorge was pleased and sounded excited in his e-mails. that was the main aim – after all, it was his birthday.

2. mom, her co-worker, and i went to have sushi. yum yum yum. i still can’t believe that i actually like them but i do.

3. finally made mojito on friday after work. i bought lime and peppermint on thursday during my lunch break and our admin manager brought white rum. also Vlad showed up in the evening.

4. found out news about the Chamber team changes. going to be interesting time. i’ll say more later since right now i can’t really share.

5. finally got some sleep today. that was nice. i don’t think ihad a saturday when i could sleep in in a long time.

6. also today i finished watching House. dang… now i actually have to WAIT for the episodes instead of just turning my lappy on and watching the show. withdrawals were hard the first couple of hours. it’s a bit better now – i think i’ll just start watching the show from the beginning again. watched the first episode – so funny how the team is still getting used to each other, sending out feelers… heh… and the show is mostly centered around the medical cases for now instead of relationships between people.

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