My cousin (sister) has been in Kyiv these past couple of weeks. thankfully this time i at least got to spend some time with her (last time i was so busy at work that i only managed to say hi when she came and bye when she was leaving)…

back when i was a kid, she was the role model for me… i did (or tried to do) everything like she did it. i taught myself words (the ones that now i am trying to un-teach myself from saying); i learned how to move one eyebrow by spending hours in front of the mirror just so Natasha won’t tease me; i tried to learn how to write like her (did not have enough patience for that, however)… i tried to do everything like her.

when she’s around, i remember the old days of happiness. the days when my family was one team of 5 stubborn but loving women and a she-cat.

these are the only three surviving members of the original family. 2 days ago (september 15, 2009) it has been 7 years since my grandma passed away. 2 weeks ago it has been 6 years since my aunt (Natasha’s mom) passed away…


the bald funny looking kiddo is yours truly. my mom’s the one who is holding me, and my sis Natasha is the other gal.


memories, memories, memories.

…tomorrow Natasha leaves again for Germany. i hate good-byes. and the older i get the more i hate them.

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