[successful day]

[successful day]

Today was quite a successful day, even though i was wary about it in the morning. reason being: a conflict with one of the gals from work. 1. i do not like conflicts and 2. she jumped on me for no reason, just because i was doing my job (and took the control from her)…

anyway. successes.

1. my boss was on my side re: the conflict and tomorrow we’ll have a meeting to discuss the responsibilities. not that i really care about being a project manager (i mean, i do care, but if i would be asked to give away that control, i would. it isn’t worth of creating a rift in an already weird relationship. but oh well, we’ll see how it goes)… the success is that i was indeed right on friday and i did what i was asked to do (which was just writing an e-mail… still have no idea why there was so much noise about one e-mail!)

2. i killed wap.chamber.ua. i kinda wanted to do it all along since i’ve found out about this project of ours about a year ago, but no one would listen. so i just tagged along, mumbling that we should just let it die. well, finally today Jorge asked me for an update regarding Chamber wap site…

“honestly…” i scrunched my face, trying to find the words.
“i would just kill it. no one needs it and everyone can browse www.chamber.ua easily with their phones.”

i did not think it would be that easy. i did have arguments against the wap site, but i thought it would take a lot more efforts to sell this idea to the boss. and i did come up with one of the things that company can do for us instead, just not to say “we don’t want you anymore” – they are good guys and they did a lot for us. we just don’t need that wap anymore. the project was started before i even got to work at the Chamber, which was over a year ago. so yeah, one burden off my shoulders.

3. we had a very successful meeting with Visage and DDM company representative regarding our new baby for the website. for now, i’ll just say that, but it’s gonna be soooo sweet! i can’t wait till we can launch that babe.

4. finally went to the gym today. yay! it has been almost 3 months that Anyuta and i were skipping the training. i am sure my body will tell me all it thinks about me tomorrow in no mild terms, but it was worth it and i am looking forward to the next time we go.

5. i finished watching season 3 of House. not sure whether that can be categorized as a success since it only leaves me with two more seasons to watch before 6th season starts, but hey… 3 seasons in 3 weeks… how’s that? so, yeah.

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