[new friends and memories.]

[new friends and memories.]

It has been a while since i have returned from the camp, but now it feels like the time to share memories about my friends whom I met there… at least the ones i got pictures of (I do not have A.J.’s picture)…


A fun guy who was adored by all kids – boys and girls alike. His best bud however is Zhenya (the kid who sits in his lap on the picture). Eric was a proof that sometimes words just don’t matter, it’s the actions that count


Sistah Angela.

Besides constantly picking on Eric, she also is a star performer of the song “I dig a hole…and I put the Devil in.” You should ask her to sing that song – she’s GOOD.

Sista Angela


(Yeah, we had three Angelas in a group of 10). She is a teacher in the States and she did a short stint of being a teacher over here in the camp doing English classes. She was the one who found a word that I pronounce wrong in English (and taught me the correct way to say it)… The word? February. I was pronouncing the first R sound… I don’t anymore (after saying the word over and over and few more times in the camp).


Ariel aka Gabrielle

Currently she’s back in the States taking care of baby Hercules, our invisible thestral. Rewinding… My nickname is usually Warrior Princess (even though I spell my name Zena, not Xena)… The first day as we were walking around Kyiv, I watched her and finally told her “You know, you remind me of Gabrielle… Xena’s blond friend.” We laughed about that and then the story grew more elaborate with her having to “carry my horse”, giving the horse a name, and coming up to a conclusion that since Hercules is invisible, he must be like one of those thestrals from Harry Potter.

Ariel Gabrielle

Mr. Happy

Meet Rollin. aka Happy Man, as I called him. I don’t think I have ever met a happier guy in my entire life – maybe there are moments when he is upset or frustrated (he said there are), but I seriously haven’t seen any in 2 weeks that I’ve been around Rollin. All girls were in love with him.

Rollin' Stones


This guy brought a whole new meaning to the Joker’s phrase “why so serious?” He always looked serious, even when doing something completely idiotic. He was funny, I gotta admit that, but it took time to finally understand when he was joking and when he was serious – the face expressions did not really change.

Andy Man

Teri (or mama Teri)

This sweet lady was a big help to me when I needed wisdom or just something as simple as a hug. It was Teri who spent a couple of hours just talking (well, mostly listening to me talk, since I needed to get the thoughts out) on a weird night after Leslie preached. I am SOOO thankful for her!

Mama Teri


It was interesting to hear or say her name for a day or two – reason being my cat’s name is Liz. This particular Liz and “sistah” Angela are best friends and it was fun to watch their relationship



I once said that she’s our team mascot and she looked at me funny… I explained that all I meant was she was the symbol for our team, and besides considering that my team was named Heavenly Eagles, the verse from Isaiah 40:31 came handy – “Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”


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