[i’m fine with God, but i am not fine with His fanclub]

[i’m fine with God, but i am not fine with His fanclub]

I had a talk with a friend of mine (whom I’ve never even met in real life… he used to work for the Chamber and left about a month before I started working there) regarding Christianity.

He claims to be an atheist and so I guess he enjoyed asking tough questions, but I’ve got to admit I was excited that he at least asked the questions.

We chatted in GoogleTalk for probably a couple of hours (thankfully there was nothing to do, work-wise) and one thing I’ve noticed throughout all his questions. Made me sad.

We, Christians, have to remember that we preach without words most of the time. And we’re watched closely by those “outside of the band” so to speak.

He kept pointing out that Christians have to give up stuff; we have to sacrifice stuff… that if we don’t do what is asked of us, we’ll burn in hell.

I told him, yeah, Paul said that “everyone has sinned and don’t deserve God’s glory.”

“So why try?” he countered.

“Because there’s so much more BEYOND the dos and don’ts of the religion!”


I am upset because people are so engrossed in religion and rules and regulations that they forget the reason why they have to follow those rules and regulations. They forget about the LOVE reason.

I hate religion. It’s a box that people have tried to squish and squeeze God in.

He’s sooooo much bigger than anything we can imagine.

Yet, please make no mistake – I love my God and try to serve Him, even though I don’t like religion.

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